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The Electrical Experimenter Magazine

The Electrical Experimenter May 1915

Contents For May, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 1
Music In Colors
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
How We Get Our War News
Electricity And Nature - A Thunderstorm Primer
How To Make Things
Interesting Experiments In Electricity
A New Electric Vaporizer
An Electric Motion Sign
Secret Contact For Club Bells
The Nickel-A-Shock Man
Rapid Electric Welding
The Woolworth Tower In New York
Vacuum Tubes For Telephone And Telegraph Line Protection
Liberty Bell Heard Across Continent
A Small Rotary Converter And Synchronous Motor
Tuning Coil Sliders
Hand-Drill Coil Winder
Radio-Crystal Sensitivity.
Wrinkles - Recipes - Formulas
A Simple Bichromate Cell
Unique A. C. Operation Of Spark Coils
Wireless Telephony And Telegraphy On Union Pacific Railroad
The D. C. Arc For Wireless Telegraphy And Telephony
Novel Wireless Telephone Microphone

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The Electrical Experimenter June 1915

Contents For June, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 2
Talking Motion Pictures And Selenium
The Edison Laboratory And The Brains Behind It
The Electro Magnet, Past And Present
The Role Of Electricity In Film Plays
The Work Of The Electrical Testing Laboratories
Catching Flies By Electricity
An Interview With Nikola Tesla
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
An Electric Dog That Follows Light Ray
"The White Feather" Or Wireless In Stage-Craft Electricity In Plant Life The Tower Of Jewels At 'Frisco Exposition
Electric Light From Wind-Mills
Electricity And The War Observation Car Electric Searchlight
Electric Fishes
The Gripenberg Selenium Cell
How To Compute Your Electric Bill
How To Build A Telegraphone
Wireless On The Motor Boat
An Inkless Telegraph Recorder
Spectacular Discharges And Large Tesla Coils
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
A Remarkable Primary Battery
The Fessenden Radio Station At Brooklyn, N. Y
100 K. W. Poulsen Arc
Wireless In The Police Barracks
Variation Of Strength Of Radio Signals
The D. C. Arc For Wireless Telegraphy And Telephony
Electrical Magazine Review
Latest Patent Digest
"Among The Amateurs" Department
"Question And Answer" Department

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The Electrical Experimenter July 1915

Contents For July, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 3
Edison Perfects The Telescribe
A Day With William J. Hammer
New Inventions In Photo Plays
Uncle Sam'S Battleships At Night
Electro-Plating With Cobalt
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
Electricity Helps To Heal German Soldiers' Wounds
Electric Bulb Composed Of 16,000 Lamps
Playing Checkers By Telegraph
Study Of Flowers With The Aid Of X-Rays
Lumbering Telephone Signal Service
Electrical Novelties For The Banquet Table
A Phonograph-Telephonic Lecturer
Locating Buried Pipes Electrically
The Macrophone Or Loud-Speaking Telephone
An Electrical Inspectoscope Powerful Magnet Draws Steel From Body
America'S Vice-President Tries Electriquette
A Miniature High Frequency Set That Fits The Hand
Electrical Illumination Of The Stomach
New Lamp Signals On Pennsylvania Railroad
"The Constructor" Department
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Book Review
Electricity, The Power Behind The Submarine Boat
"Wireless Department"
"How To Make It" Department
Electrical Magazine Review
Latest Patent Digest
"Among The Amateurs"
"Phoney" Patents
"Question And Answer" Department
Patent Advice

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The Electrical Experimenter August 1915

Contents For August, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 4
Receiving German War Report
Television, Or The Projection Of Pictures Over A Wire
Submarine "Wireless" Signaling
Electrical Cure For "Gun-Fire" Deafness
How Electricity Kills
New Edison 3,000,000 Cp. Storage Battery Searchlight
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
How Telephone Men Are Trained
Harmless Ray To Do X-Ray'S Work
Finding Unexploded Bombs On European Battlefields By Electricity
New Electric Clock Systems Of The Equitable Building
Electric House Wiring Troubles
Electric Chart Tells Percentage Of Deaths In New York City
Some Famous Electrical Laboratories
How Telephone Transmitters And Receivers Are Made
Our Supplement—"Guglielmo Marconi"
An Interview With Guglielmo Marconi
Electric Smoke Recorder
High Frequency Machine For Testing Insulators
New 3-Volt Dry Cell
A Trip Through The Cooper-Hewitt Electric Works
A New Hydrogen X-Ray Tube
Feeling For Icebergs Electrically
"The Constructor" Department
"Wireless" Department
Radio-Aeroplane Scheme For Protecting U. S. Coast Line
Wireless Relays And Amplifiers
"How To Make It" Department
Electrical Magazine Review
"Latest Patents" Digest
"Among The Amateurs" Department
"Phoney" Patents
"Question And Answer" Column

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The Electrical Experimenter September 1915

Contents For September, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 5
The Wonders Of "Radium"
Combating The Submarine By Electrical Means
Rubber Produced Artificially By Electricity
New Loud Talking Telephones Used By Theaters
Some Late Theories For The Young Scientist
"Omegon" (A Scientific Story)
The Old "Bug" Speaks
"The Wraith Of The Wireless"
Luna Park, New York'S "Joyland"
Long Distance Submarine Telegraphy And Telephony
Electric Pony Shoots Sparks
Enameled Magnet Wire, Its Properties And Manufacture
New Thermo-Relay For Motor Protection
New Compact Resistance Unit
Electric Illusion Sign For Barbers
X-Ray Tubes And Their Manufacture
The Static Machine, Past And Present
When Edison Got Married
New Calorimeter Registers Energy Of Man's Every Move
New English Water Ozonizer
Edison Heads New U. S. Naval Advisory Board
The Wireless Torpedo In The "Movies"
Selenium Cells And Radio Torpedoes
How Telephone Transmitters And Receivers Are Made
War Affects Change In Dry Cells
"The Constructor" Department
"Wireless" Department
Why "Sayville" Radio Station Was Closed
The Hammond Radio Controlled Torpedo Boat
European Applications Of Wireless Telephony
Some Remarkable Results With Audion Amplifiers
"How-To-Make-It" Department
"Among The Amateurs"
Latest Patents
"Phoney" Patents
Question Box
Patent Advice

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The Electrical Experimenter October 1915

Contents For October, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 6
The Aurora Borealis Or The Northern Lights
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
The Gravitation Nullifier. (A Scientific Story.)
Conserving Uncle George
Can Electricity Transfer Thought Waves?
Electric Toys That Respond To The Voice
A Lighthouse Operated And Checked By Electricity
Electric Dental Sign That Demonstrates "Before" And "After" Effects
Installing A Complete Electric Service In Fifteen Minutes
Telephone That Tells Who Called While You Were Out
A Telephonic Nursemaid And A Bird -"Alarm"
An Electro-Magnetic Nail-Packing Machine
Electricity On German Submarines
Marconi Heads Wireless Corps Of Italian Army
A New Electrical Photo Printer
How The "Movies" Exploit Wireless
Largest Static Machine In The World
Electric Spark Pictures—How To Make Them
New Telephone Set For Aviators
Electricity And The Modern Automobile Torpedo
Modern Applications Of The Loud Speaking Telephone
"The Constructor" Department
"Radio" Department
Receiving Wireless Messages With Odd Aerials
"How-To-Make-It" Department
Wrinkles. Recipes And Formulas
"With The Amateurs"
Latest Patents
Phoney Patents
Question Box
Patent Advice

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The Electrical Experimenter November 1915

Contents For November, 1915 - Vol. III, No. 7
The Electro-Magnetic Gun And Its Possibilities
Baron Munchausen'S New Scientific Adventures
Warfare Of The Future
When The Lights Went Out On The "Bella"
What The Housewife Should Know About Electricity
Something About Selenium
Wireless Telephony Now From Washington To Honolulu
Photographing Sound Waves Electrically
Daniels Names Naval Board
Some New X-Ray Apparatus
Reading Electric Meters With A Camera
Mishaps Attend Use Of Wireless On Aeroplanes
Massive Electric Generator Holds Automobile Mind-Reading Dog Is A Puzzle To Scientists
High Frequency Currents And Apparatus
Stepping Stones For Junior Engineers
Automatically Controlled Electric Oven For Testing Shrapnel
Illuminated Steam Curtain Gives Wonderful Effect At Night
Electricity And The Twentieth Century Dentist
"The Constructor" Department
How To Build A Dictaphone Desk Set
Construction Of An Inductive Tuner
"Radio" Department
The Amateur Radio Station Which Aided Uncle Sam
A Pocket Wireless Set
A Machine That Captures And Holds Wireless Talk
How Wireless Waves Travel Around The Earth'S Curvature
How To Build A Wave Meter
"How-To Make-It" Department
"Wrinkles, Recites And Formulas"
"With The Amateurs"
"Latest Patents" Digest
"Phoney Patents"
Question Box"

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The Electrical Experimenter January 1916

Contents For January, 1916 - Vol. III, No. 9
Elictrical Device Detects Submarines 20 Miles Away
New Instrument Eliminates Fog Peril
High Voltage Switch Arcs That Resemble Lightning
Talking Motion Pictures With Undirsla Sfarch Light
Some Modern Applications Of The X-Ray
Ball Lightning
Measuring The Heat Of Distant Stars
New Army Field Telephone And Buzzer Developed By U. S. Signal Corps
The Poniatowski Ray
Baron Munchuausen'S New Scientific Adventures
How "Wireless Wiz" Welcomed The New Year
Perpetual Motion, The Folly Of The Ages
The Transmission Of Photographs Telegraphically
Radio Department
Wireless On The Firing Line
Regenerating Audion Circuits For Wireless Receiving
The Constructor Department
How To Make A Simple Static Machine
Electrical Helps For Amateur Photographers
How-To-Make-It Section
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
With The Amateurs
Latest Patent Digest
Phoney Patent Department
Question Box
"Patent Advice"

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The Electrical Experimenter February 1916

Contents For February, 1916 - Vol. III, No. 10
How Vessels At Sea Signal Through The Water
New Searchlights Foil The Enemy'S Guns
The Trench Tractor
Gigantic Gas-Electric Locomotive
Miniature Electric Battleship "Massachusetts"
The Modern Detecta-Phone
When Bell Introduced The Telephone
The Electro Gyro-Cruiser
New Telephonic Novelties
New Arc Lamp Consumes No Electrodes
Mysteries Of Matter
New Electric Signal For Locomotives
Automobile Storage Batteries Withstand Fire
The Shirikari Tentacle - (A Scientific Story) "Radio Department"
The Marvels Of Modern Physics
Latest De Forest Radio Apparatus
Dubilier Multiple Musical Tone Radio System
The Electric Arc And Its Interesting Applications
"Radio League" News
"The Constructor" Department
Construction Of A Collin'S Radiophone Arc
Official List Of Radio Amateur Operators
New Government Callbook
"How-To-Make-It Section
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
With The Amateurs
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patents
Question Box
Book Reviews

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The Electrical Experimenter March 1916

Contents For March, 1916 - Vol. III, No. 11
Front Cover—"The Tesla Destroyer"
Utilization Of The Sun's Energy
The Choralcelo, A Wonderful Electric Piano
New Uses For Electricity In The War
Electrocuting Superfluous Cats And Dogs
Killing The Smoke Nuisance Electrically
The Tesla High Frequency Oscillator
Electricity Wonderful Aid To Modern Surgery
Electricity, The Beneficent
Marvels Of Modern Physics
Baron Munchuausen's New Scientific Adventures
New 500 Watt Military Radio Pack Set
The Evolution Of Wireless Telegraphy
The Reception Of Long Damped And Undamped Waves
List Of Newly Licensed Amateur Radio Stations
The Use And Construction Of A Decremeter
Construction Of An Electro-Magic Skull

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The Electrical Experimenter June 1916

Contents For June, 1916 - Vol. IV, No. 2
Front Cover—"Electric Bomb Firer"
An Auxiliary Periscope For Submarines
Electricity And The Weather Man
When New York City Turns On The "Juice."
Electricity And Wireless Solve Secret Service Problems
Wireless Music With Your Meals
Dropping Bombs Thru A Cone Of Light
Tesla'S Early Work With Radio Controlled Vessels
When Electricity Entered The Home
The Wireless "Wiz" Plays War Lord
Baron Munchhausen'S New Scientific Adventures
Mimic Atoms And Their Experimental Formation
Marvels Of Modern Physics
Radio League Of America News
Radio Department
A Practical Portable Wireless Set
How-To-Make-It Department
Experimental Chemistry
With The Amateurs (Prize Station Contest)
United States Government List Of Newly Licensed Radio Amateurs
Latest Patent Digest
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter September 1916

Contents For September, 1916 - Vol. IV, No. 5
Front Cover—"Saturn And Ultra-Violet Light"
The Mysteries Of Ultra-Violet Light
Electricity, The Mystic In Modern Hotel Service
Killing Sharks By Electricity
The Telephone In Modern Warfare
Electricity Direct From Sunlight
The Dawn Of Electrical Railroading
Why Not Have The President Talk Simultaneously To "All The People"?
Timing The Frequency Of Musical And Vocal Sounds
Electrotypes And Their Making
The Unterrified Amateur
The Electrical Mechanism Of The Ether
Engineering As A Vocation
The Marvels Of Modern Physics
New Light Weight Radio Sets For Aeroplanes
Building A 110-Ft. Iron Pipe Radio Mast
Frequency Meters
Experimental Chemistry
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas

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The Electrical Experimenter April 1917

Contents For April, 1917 - Vol. IV, No. 12
Motorcyclist Radiophones Aeroplane
Locating Hidden Submarines By Electricity
New Automatic Electric Buoy Never Fails
The Automatic Restaurant
Motorcycle Wireless Telephone Outfit
New Suspended Elevated Railway System
Timing Camera Shutters Electrically
A New Idea For Taking Submarine "Movies"
A Novel Tesla Steam-Electric Clock
How To Read Your Own Elctric Meter
The "Wireless Wiz" And The Card Sharks
Experimental Physics
The Washington'S Birthday Relay And The Q.R.M. League Of America
Giant U. S. Radio Station At San Diego Ready
California Youth Invents Radiotelephone System
The Early Days Of Radio In America

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The Electrical Experimenter May 1917

Contents For May, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 1
Electric Torpedo Destroyer
A One Man Electric Submarine
Electryfing The Aeroplane
The Autograph Of Your Heart
Combating The Submarine
Sources Of Electricity
Magnetism Produces Remarkable Photographs
The Therapy Of Light And The New "R-Ray"
"Eddy Currents"-A Scientific Story...
The Washington'S Birthday Relay Prize Winners
Experimental Physics-Fourth Lesson
Wireless Telegraphy-The Marconi High PowerTransoceanic Stations
How The Audion Repeater Repeats
The Ionic Radio System And Theory Of Ionic Tuning
Receiving Marconi 300 K.W. Spark Stations With Oscillating Audion
Distributed Capacity And Its Effect
A Study Of The Law Of Response Of The Silicon Detector
Constructor Department-An Electrical Paradon Or Selective Lamp Controller
An Illuminated Stage Sulky
A Simple Electric Motor Attachment For Phonographs
Experimental Chemistry

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The Electrical Experimenter June 1917

Contents For June, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 2
Electrocuting The Enemy
Electric Crossing Signal Operated By Train's Whistle
Chances For Electricians In The Navy
Talking Motion Pictures Via Wireless
Electricity And Water To Run Our Autos
Shooting With Electricity
Electricity's Aid To Women
Powerful Hydro-Electric Salvage Apparatus To Raise Sunken Ships
Electro-Deposited Mirrors Now Used For Photo Graphic Work
"Joe's Experiment"
Electricity And Life
Experimental Physics - Lesson 5, "Hydrostatics"
Denver Wireless Station Wins Prize Loving Cup
The Naval Radio Operator - What The U.S. Navy Offers To Radio Men
Radio Outfit Built By German Spy"
The Marconi Type "106" Tuner
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus No. 4 Spark Gaps
The Clock Craze
The Influence Of Light Upon The Contactt Potential Of Selenium And Of Cuprous Oxid
High Frequency Apparatus And Experiments
The Problem Of Using The Energy In Sunlight
Experimental Chemistry-Thirteenth Lesson

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The Electrical Experimenter July 1917

Contents For July, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 3
Old U.S. Battle Ships To The Front
Locating And Uestkoying Submarines With A Red Light Ray
How The Submarine Can Hit A Ship It "Never' Sees
Does Radiant Light Possess Weight?
War And Radio In The Movies
U S Battleships To Run On Land
The Marvels Of Radio-Activity - Part I
Back To The Davs Of Volta
Lightning - How To Protect Yourself From It!
The Science Of Sound
Speeding Up Vote Of Congress By Electricity
"Ham" Jones - Scientist
20,000 Volts Direct Current
Testing Radio Units With Dummy Antenna
How Radio Brought The News To The Farm
Wireless On The American Submarine Chasers
An Improved Burglar Alarm Utilizing The "Stick Relay
Constructing A 1/2 Ton Lifting Magnet
More About The "Perpetual" Electric Clock
How To Make It Department
Amateur And Experimental Radio Research—Part I.
Experimental Chemistry—Lesson 14
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patent Contest
Ouestion Pox

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The Electrical Experimenter August 1917

Contents For August, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 4
Blinding The Submarine
Tesla's Views On Electricity And The War
Electric Submarine Forts To Destroy Submarines
Putting The Ocean Waves To Work
Thunder Storms And Lightning Rods
Women Radio Operators To Aid Uncle Sam
An Electrical Miniatire Village Deluxe
Let The Electric Refrigerat0r Keep Your Food
Unique Electrical Apparatus Reads The Mind
The Radio Bomb - A Wireless - Story
Dionic Water Tester Operates By Electricity
Perpetual Motion - A Chance To Become Famous
Experimental Physics—Lesson 6
Radio League Of America News
The Amateur And Experimental Radio Research
Details Of A 20,000 Meter Undamped Radio Receiver
"Bats" - A Discourse On Some Freak Batteries
An Electrolytic Interrupter For Low Voltages
A Hand-Feed Arc For The Experimenter
How To Make It Dept Prize Contest
Experimental Chemistry - Fifteenth Lesson
Wrinkles Recipes And Formulas
With The Amatures Dept (Special Cash Prizes)
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter September 1917

Contents For September, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 5
Electric "Bloodhounds" To Find And Destroy Uboats
U. S. Blows Up Tesla Radio Tower
"Our Navy" On The Stage
Foiling The Train Robber With Radio
All Aboard For "Luna'S" Electric Top
Transmitting Sound By Phonograph And Telephone 104 Miles, Thru 48 Physical Changes
"Spy Aerials"
The Marvels Of Radioactivity. Part II
Largest Electric Locomotive Develops 7,000 H.P
Vocation Of The Engineer
X-Ray Tubes For High Frequency Coils
The Franklin Experimental Club
Experimental Physics. Lesson 7.
Manufacturing Magnetism
A Remarkable Amateur Radio Station With A Record
Senator Marconi Encourages Women's Wireless Class
U. S. Signal Corps Wants Electrical And Radio Men
The Present Status Of The Audion
"Radio-Communication Over Gas And Water Pipes —"Wired Wireless"
Calculation And Measurement Of Inductance Part III—Conclusion
How I Built A 2 1/2 H.P. Flivverette
Selenium Cell Design And Construction
Making An Electric Clock

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The Electrical Experimenter October 1917

Contents For October, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 6
Firing Bombs By Electricity
How Lord Northcliffe Heard Two Oceans At The Same Time
Electric "Zig-Zagger" Aids Ships To Foil U-Boats
"Zigzag" - A New Thriller For The Seashore
Burnell R . Ford - Electrical Wizard
Free Electricity From The Wind
New Electro-Therapertic Apparatus
Branding Oranges By Electricity
Unique Revolving Dancing Floor
Are There Currents About A Magnet - Part II
New Portable Electric Lamp For Miners
The Effect Of Ultrayiolet Rays On Milk And Other Aspects
Some Electrical Properties Of Silver Sulfide
Experimental Physics - Lesson 8 - Light
Radio Controlled Torpedo Devised By California Genius
The Amateur's Opportunity
A Radio Controlled Model Boat
Measurements Of Radio Antenna On Shipboard And Some Interesting Comparisons
How To Build A Unique Variable Condenser
Making An Electric Clock - Part II
Building A Good Carbon Compression Rheostat
Trials Of A Troubleshooter
Chemical Action Of Storage Batteries—Part I
How to Make It Dept (Prize Contest)
Wrinkles, Formulae And Recipes
With The Amateurs" (Prize Laboratory Contest)
That Perpetual Motion - Announcement Of Prize Winners
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patent Contest
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter November 1917

Contents For November, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 2
Seeing Wireless Signals (Front Cover Article)
Telegraph And Telephone On European Battlefields
Electricity Being Used To Hasten Crops
Are Cable Messages Safe?
Locating Underground Ores By Electricity
Microphones In Trench Warfare
"Movies" Show Women'S Place In War
How Big Electric Men Work
Something New In Microphones
Historic Electric Apparatus
The Marvels Of Radioactivity. Part III
177,000 C. P. Mercury Vapor Lamps Light "Movie" Studio
Bucking The "Lodge Goat" - Electricity
The Cause And Nature Of Magnetic Currents
Welding With The Electric Arc
Action At A Distance As Exhibited In Selenium Crystals
Experimental Physics - Lesson - 9
Radio League Of America - News From Comm D. W. Todd, U.S.N., And The "Radio Roll Of Honor"
Being A Naval Wireless Man
Development Of Aircraft Radio In The U. S. Navy
Construction Of A Laboratory Vacuum Pump
An Automatic Storage Battery Charger
Chemical Action Of Storage Batteries (Conclusion)
How-To-Make-It Dept - Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry - 18th Lesson
"Electrical Laboratory"—Prize Contest
An Exceptional Experimental Laboratory
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter December 1917

Contents For December, 1917 - Vol. V, No. 8
Daylight Signaling With Searchlight Front Cover
Locating The Submarine By Radio
Electric Bomb Dropper For Aeroplanes
Radium Paint In The War
Electric Xmas Toys
The Marvels Of Radioactivity. Part IV
How I Telegraph Pictures
Electricity And Gold Fishes
Women Make Good Radio Operators
A Trackless Trolley System
The Submarine And Kindred Problems
A New Combined Stereoscopic And Fluoroscopic Table
Magnetic Separator Pulley Great Time Saver
A Revolving Electric Xmas Tree
How To Use High Frequency Currents In The Treatment Of Disease
The "Radio Roll Of Honor"
Some Interesting New Radio Apparatus
The Audion And The "Edison Effect"
Radio Transmitting Inductances. Part V—The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus
The Uncrowning Of The Gimcrack King
The Mysterious Voice
An Electrically Played Mandolin - How To Make It
An Automatic Storage Battery Charger
How-To-Make-It Dept. - Prize Contest
Wrinklks, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry—19th Lesson
"Electrical Laboratory"—Prize Contest
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patents - Contest
Question Box

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