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The Electrical Experimenter Magazine

The Electrical Experimenter January 1918

Contents For January, 1918 - Vol. V, No. 9
Electermagnetic Depth Bombs Destroy Submarines
Are The "Huns" Using Electric Raiders?
Fog Warning By Radiophone
Ground Telegraphy In War
How Aurora Borealis Affects Telegraph And Cable Links
The Electromagnetic Depth Bomb - Terror Of The Subs
Electric Buoys To Mark Torpedoed Ships
Training U. S. Aviators With Electric Map
Liberty Loan Electric Signs
Bronze Tablet To Mark First Edison Station In New York
The X-Ray On The Battle-Front
How A German Telephone Outpost Looks
"Teratuter" - An Electrically Operated Flying Teacher
Modern Physics And The Electron. The Work Of Prof. Millikan
Novel Applications Of The Dictograph
The Chemcal Exibition At New York
War Address By President Elect, E W Rice. Jr
"Too Late" - The Story Of A Successful Relay That Was Unsuccessful
"Electrician Radio, U. S. N." The Work Of The Naval Radio School,
French Aeroplane Radio Great Aid To Artillery
A Shortcut To Code-Learning
"Ham" Aerials
A Mechanical Inductance Changer
Testing Of Dynamos And Motors
Experimental Mechanics Lesson I.
A New Type Of Chromic Acid Battery
The Ultra Microscope And The Underworld Of Infinitesimal Small
How-To-Make-It Dept. - Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry - 20th Lesson
"Electrical Laboratory" - Prize Contest
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patents - Contest
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter February 1918

Contents For February, 1918 - Vol. V, No. 10
A Gyro Electric Destroyer
New Orchestra Phonograph Plays 48 Records At Once
Why Not Aerial "Stepping Stones" From U. S. To Europe?
Hughes Balance Locates Buried Shells
Thrill Of Science In New Movies
"The Deluge" - The Show That Electricity Made Possible
A New Electro-Magnetic Train Stop
Bossie Gets An Outdoor Bath
Telephone Switchboards Of Yesterday 673
How Jimmy Saved The Troop Train
Experimental Physics-Lesson 10 - Photography.
The Home Treatment Of Tuberculosis By High Freouency Currents
How New York Police Use Radio
A Miniature Radio-Controlled Tank
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus
Detail Construction Of A Damped And Undamped Wave Receptor
Experimental Mechanics—Lesson Ii. - The Lathe
High Frequency Phenomena And Experiments
Amateurs! The "Smelloscope!" Your Nose Knows
How To Build A Wheatstone Bridge
How To Make A Medical Coil
A Portable And Reliable Armature Test Set
A Printing Box For The Amateur Photographer
How To Make It Dept. (Prize Contest)
Wrinkles. Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry - 20th Lesson,
"Electrical Laboratory" - Prize Contest
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patents - Contest
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter March 1918

Contents For March, 1918 - Vol. V, No. 11
How U-Boats Use Balloons To Send Radio 1,000 Miles
President's Speech To World Via Cable And Radio
Can Electricity Destroy Gravitation?
Electricity And War In The "Films"
Elecric Wintertime Comforts
Electric Boiler Most Efficient
Eliminatng The Smoke Nuisance By Electriciy
The First Trolley
Electric Power From The Wind
Women Learn Radio
Seaplane Crashes Into Radio Tower
Jumbo Gets His Hide Vacuumed
An Electric Shell For Fighting U-Boats
Annual Electric Load Relief Map Resembles Rockies
At War With The Invisible
Experimental Physics - Lesson 11 - Photography
Radio Department
Wireless Station In French Trench
Visiting Arlington Via The Talo Club
Design And Use Ok The Wave-Meter
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus
Some New Static Experiments
A Speedometer For Small Battery Motors
My Electrical Laboratory
How To Make A "Blinker Light" For Motor Boats
Siphons - How They Work
A Special Gold Leaf Electroscope For Radio Active Experiments
An Automatic Electric Railway
How-To-Make-It Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry - 22nd Lesson
"Electrical Laboratory" - Prize Contest
Latest Patents Digest
Phoney Patents - Contest
Question Box

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The Electrical Experimenter April 1918

Contents For April, 1918 - Vol. V, No. 12
At War With The Invisible (Front Cover)
Seaplane Radios Trawlers And Destroys U-Boat
Searchlight "Sub" Destroyer For Ships
The Dictograph In The Trenches
"Electro-Magnetic Log" That Measures Ship'S Speed
At War With The Invisible
"Yes Or No" - An Electrically - Made Drama
Electrical Production Of Synthetic Gasoline
Electricity To Prevent Future Fuel Crisis
Patriotism - Dr. Garfield And New York
"Edison Pioneers"
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases Part I—What Is Ionization?
Utilizing Burnt Out Lamp Bulbs
Experimental Physics Lesson 12: Magnetism.
Intensive Training For The Signal Corps
A Motor Boat Radio Receptor
The Design And Use Of The Wave Meter. Part II
A Synchronous Motor Made From An Iron Pulley
Electro-Static Experiments, Part II. Conclusion
The Chemistry Of Selenium

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The Electrical Experimenter May 1918

Contents For May, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 1
Electricity And Camera Give 3,000,000 Shells Third Degree
Locating And Destroying "Subs" With Electromagnets
Yankee Code Not So "Bloedsinnig"
New Spy And Scientific Movies
Electricity And Metal Coated Seeds Boost Crops
The Electro-Magnet In The Operating Room
Television And The Telephot
Electrically Heated Beds For The Wounded
A New Phonographic Loud-Talker
"Sub"- Detector, Thriller In New War Play
Scientific Research Essential To Human Progress
Modern American Electric Furnaces
Electric "Sherardizing" Prevents Rust
Fixation Of Nitrogen By Electricity
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases
Radio Department 26 External Grid Vacuum Valve Construction
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus Lesson 8
Design For A Panel Transmitting Set
Theory Of Tuning, Wave Lengths And Harmonics
Building An Electric Piano Player
Experimental Mechanics Lesson 3
"Shooting" Electrical Troubles On Automobiles
A Tight Squeeze For Uncle George
How-To-Make It Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry Lesson 24
With The Amateurs Prize Contest
Latest Patents
Phoney Patents
"The Oracle"

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The Electrical Experimenter June 1918

Contents For June, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 2
Electro-Magnetic Brakes Stop Aeroplanes
An Electric Aeroplane Shooting Gallery
Moving Pictures That Really Talk
A 100 Mile Electro Magnetic Gun
How To Avoid Electric Shocks
The Making Of An Electrical Man
Powerful Electro-Magnets - What They Can Lift
Latest Electric Novelties
Burnt-Out Lamp Prize Contest
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases
Television And The Telephot
Radio Dept - The Dynatron - A Negative Resistance Vacuum Tube
Major-General George Owen Squier
Wave-Meters - Their Uses And Construction - Part III
Building An Electric Piano Player
A Curious Arabian Time-Piece
How To Make A Water Jet Vaccum Pump
My Experimental Electrical Laboratory
A Novel Map And Sketch Transmitting System
An Easily Constructed Heliograph
How To Build A Spark Coil Ozonator
How-To-Make-It Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Experimental Chemistry Lesson 25
With The Amateurs Prize Photo Contest
Latest Patents
Phoney Patents Contest
"The Oracle"
Research And Its Importance To Human Progress

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The Electrical Experimenter July 1918

Contents For July, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 3
Will The Germans Bombard New York?
Liberty Bell Heard O'Er The World
Science And Radio In New Film Dramas
Electric Or Steam Railroads—Which?
How Uncle Sam Tests Coal By Electricity
Monster Italian Searchlight
The Story Of A Pound Of Coal
An Electric "Movie" For Show Windows
Milestones In The Life Of Thomas A. Edison
Peeling Tomatoes By Electricity And Reclaiming Waste
Make Way For The Lady Engineers
An American Ace
A New Electric Recording Compass
Radium Emanation In The Treatment Of Disease
Popular Astronomy - A New Series. First Paper, "Dark Stars"
Experimental Physics - Lesson 13 - Static Electricity
Colonel Carty Receives Edison Medal
Radio In The Bulgarian Army
New Portable Radio Sets
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus. No. 9 - Telephone Receivers
Making A Six-Foot Piano Lamp
An Electric Oracle
A Reversing Switch For Small Motors
An Electric Hour-Striking Mechanism.
Electrical Laboratory Prize Contest
How-To-Make-It Department
Wrinkles, Recipes, Formulas
Experimental Chemistry - Twenty-Sixth Lesson
With The Amateurs - Prize Photo Contest
Latest Patents
Phoney Patents
The Oracle

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The Electrical Experimenter August 1918

Contents For August, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 4
Aerial Mono-Flyer Of The Future
A Gigantic Exposition And Amusement Park In The Making
Electric Whirling Disk To Start And Stop Aeroplanes
Electric Sirens Warn Paris Of Air Raids
How Three New York Subways Meet And Pass One Another
Searchlights—The Night Eyes Of The Army
Aerial Mono-Flyer Of The Future
Reclaiming The U-Boats' Toll By Novel Salvage Operations
The Magnetic Storm
Electricity And The Range-Finder In War
Women To Learn X-Ray Work
How Birds Take Their Own Pictures Electrically
The Electrical Women Of England
Popular Astronomy—The Gaseous Nebulae-Second Paper
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases Part Iv
An Electric Chick Picker
Experimental Physics Lesson
John Bottomley, Director, Marconi Co., Dies
New Glass Slate For Teaching Radio Hook-Ups
Analysis Of Irregular Wave-Shaped Alternating Curves Harmonics—Part Ii
The Design And Use Of The Wave-Meter. Part Iv
How To Make A Simple Spectroscope
Clockworks Without Gears
Experimental Mechanics. Lesson V. Thread Cutting
On The Construction Of Small Transformers
Experimental Chemistry—Twenty-Seventh Lessonwater
How-To-Make-It Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateur'S "Laboratory Contest"
Phoney Patents
The Oracle

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Electrical Experimenter September 1918

Contents For September, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 5
Lassoing Aeroplanes With Bomb And Flame
How The Electric "Sea Tanks" Raided Pola.
Balloon Microphones To Warn Of Air Raids
American Aviator Escapes Under Hun Electrified Fence
Making Synthetic Gems In The Electric Furnace
Test Diving Machine To Undo U-Boats Work
Electricity And Radio As Used By "Movie" Spies
New Electrical Ideas On Submarines And Torpedoes
Popular Demonstration Of Thought-Transference And Other Phenomena.
"Over There" - A Miniature War Panorama
The Blind Now Tape Electric Coils
New Electric Fuse Lighter For Blasting
Making Electricians Over Night
Popular Astronomy—The Sun And His Satellites - Third Paper.
The Gyro Electric Destroyer - Once More. Shall The Readers Of The "E. E." Build One?
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases - Part Five
Experimental Physics, Lesson 15, Current Electricity
U. S. Signal Corps Radio Outfit In France
The Einthoven String Galvanometer - Its Theory, Operation And Construction
A Graph For Solving Wave Length, Frequency Inductance And Capacity
How To Build A Hand Milling Machine
Glass Blowing In The Experimental Laboratory
Experimental Mechanics - Metal Turning - Lesson 6
Experimental Chemistry - 28th Lesson

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Electrical Experimenter October 1918

Contents For October, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 6
The Automatic Soldier
Our New Aeroplane Flares
How "Blimps" And Telephone Aid Artillery
The Artillery Barrage—How It Works.
Movie Tricks Exposed
Locating Submarines By Reflection
New Aeroplane "Log" Indicates Speed And Direction Of Trans-Atlantic Planes
Searchlights Mounted On English Anti-Aircraft Guns
Why Not Electricity From The Ocean
A Car That Carries A Complete "Power House"
Electric Escalator Handles Railway Station Traffic
Electric Air Warning Signs Used In England
Tesla Has New Pointless Lightning Rod
Are Aeroplane Parachutes Practical?
Popular Astronomy - The Planet Mars, Fourth Paper
The Gyro-Electric Destroyer Again
Autumnal Uses Of The Electric Fan
Experimental Physics. Lesson Sixteen
New Developments In Telephotography
Radio Dep't. - Original "Valves" Used
New Developments In Radio Apparatus
Photographing Spark Discharges With The Rotating Mirror
The Einthoven Galvanometer - Its Theory, Construction And Use
Spectroscopic Methods And The Production Of Spectra
Ohm's Law And Alternating Current Circuits,
The Manipulation Of Glass Tubing In The Experimental Laboratory
Experimental Electric Furnaces
Experimental Chemistry. The Halogens-Chlorin Gas-Its Properties And How It Is Made
How-To-Get-It Dep't Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patent Digest
With The Amateurs
Phoney Patents
The Oracle

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Electrical Experimenter November 1918

Contents For November, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 7
Why Is A Blimp?
City Of Ham Fired With Electric Bombs
Why - Airplanes Don't Fear Anti-Aircraft Guns
How Submarines Cut Thru Nets
Chain Of Aerial Landing Fields Across U. S.
Talking Thru Land And Water
Magnetic And Other Fool War Dreams
An X-Ray Interview With The Editor
Electricity Aids Hun "Movie" Spies
Electrified Barriers Stop Fish In Streams
How Can We Tell "Real" Death?
Austrian Searchlights Have Aircraft Sound Detectors
Westinghouse Engineers Get New Research Laboratory
A Gyro Electric "Movie" Camera For The Battlefield
Electric Trucks Aid War Work
Popular Astronomy—Fifth Paper—"The Spiral Nebule And The Island Universe Theory
The Gyro Electric Destroyer
The Phenomena Of Electrical Conduction In Gases-"Making Ions Visible
Burnt-Out Lamp Contest
Radio Dep't - Marconi Head Of Italy'S New Banking System
"Bunque" - Radio Short-Circuits
A Sensitive Radio Recorder
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus. Part 10. "Radio Amplifiers"
The "Oscillograph" - How It Works
A Thermostatic Time Switch
A Water-Jet Vacuum Pump
Experimental Mechanics - "Lathe Chucks"
Experimental Chemistry-Thirtieth Lesson-Iodin, Bromin And Fluorin

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Electrical Experimenter December 1918

Contents For December, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 8
Tanks Uproot Barbed-Wire Entanglements
At Last! The Super-Tank
A Deadly "Spiral Course" Torpedo
Catching 3,000,000 Fish An Hour Without A Hook
How Ships Are Welded By Electricity
New Yankee War Inventions
Preserving Organic Substances By The Use Of X-Ray Ovens
Huge Electric Toys
Electric Xmas Suggestions
Flying Across The Atlantic With A 10,000 H.P. Airplane
Testing Engineers Made To Order
Turning Air Into Bread-Nitrates From The Air
Lacing Shoes By Electricity
Popular Astronomy - Sixth Paper-The Total Solar Eclipse Of June
Experimental Physics - Lesson 17 - Radiation
Why Use Tungsten Lamps? Ask Uncle Sam
Cold From Electricity
Radio Around The World-Without Masts
Harvard Hails The Naval Radio Man
The Code Numbers Get Theirs
A Rotary Quenched Spark Gap
How To Make Radio Apparatus
How To Build A Seven-Inch Reflecting Telescope
A Simple Study Of Currents And Magnets
Spectroscopic Experiments And Spectra
Experimental Mechanics Lathe Chucks—Concluded
Experimental Chemistry
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas

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Electrical Experimenter January 1919

Contents For January, 1919 - Vol. VI, No. 9
Smoke Barrage Saves Escaping Plane
American Destroyers Throw Depth "Bomb Barrage"
Solar Engine Uses Sun's Energy
Electric Death Traps In Hun's Retreat
Submarines In Peace Time-What To Do With Surrendered U-Boats
Telephoning From Moving Trains
"The Long Dash" - A Wireless Gun Show
An All-Electric Hot Air Balloon
The City Of Splendid Night
"Odd Photo" Prize Contest-A Galaxy Of Worldbeaters
Electrical Dental Auto For Upton Soldiers
New British Plane Coasts 20 Miles To Safety
New Flashlight Cuts Off After One Minute
Fooling The Draft Board? - It Cant Be Done
Wintertime Uses For Electric Fans
Popular Astronomy - Giant Jupiter And His Nine Moons
Nikola Tesla To Write "My Inventions" For "Electrical Experimenter" Readers
New Proposed Wireless Bill And Discussion
Experimental Physics — Electrical Conduction Thru Gases
My Radio "Static Eliminator"
Radiotelephone Guided U. S. Flyers Many Miles Away
The Manufacture Of Vacuum Detectors
A Vertical Cabinet Type Coupler
Building A 3-Inch Spark Static Machine
A 25 - Inch Model Gyro-Electric Destroyer-How I Built It
Experiments In Radio-Activity-Part I-Ionization
Experimental Mechanics - Lesson IX

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Electrical Experimenter February 1919

Contents For February, 1919 - Vol. VI, No. 10
Nikola Tesla And His Wireless Light
Tidal Power Problem Solved At Last
Producing Rain By Electricity And X-Rays
Moving Platform For New York's Crosstown Subway
The Unknown Purple
Zeppelin Flies From Bulgaria To Khartoum And Return Without Stopping
Famous Scientific Illusions
Soldiers Ills Cured By Electricity
My Inventions—No. 1 Of A Series
Subways Of Downtown New York
Popular Astronomy—The Milky Way
Women Now Trained As Meter Readers
Largest Electric Crane Lifts Complete Tug Boat
Selling Electricity By The "Can
Latest Electrical Apparatus And Novelties
Wireless Legislation News
Radio Department—President Wilson In Touch With America On Land Or Sea—Via Radio
Vacuum Valve Action And The Electric Current
The Vortex Ring Theory Of The Electron
"Ball Lightning" Experiments
A Useful Electrical Laboratory Switchboard
Experiments In Radio-Activity Part Ii. Ionization
Experimental Mechanics—Lesson X
Experimental Chemistry—Thirty-Third Lesson
How-To-Make-It Department—Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs—Laboratory Photo Contest
Phoney Patent Contest

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Electrical Experimenter March 1919

Contents For March, 1918 - Vol. VI, No. 11
Searchlights Of The Deep
33 Assembled Locomotives On One Ship
The Latest Style In Flash-Lights
The Border Wireless And The Hun Within
Gold And Silver Located With Sound Waves
Hospital Ship Fitted With Gyroscopic Stabilizer
Teslas Egg Of Columbus
My Inventions By Dr. Nikola Tesla
Oldest And Newbst Styles In Trolleys
White Coal Motor To Harness Tides
Popular Astronomy - Saturn The Ringed Planet
How Jimmy Saved The Bank
Subsmersible Boat Resembles Sea Monster
Experimental Physics - Lesson Nineteen
Alexander Wireless Bill Is Killed By H. Gernsback 786
America'S Greatest War Invention - The Rogers Underground Wireless
How I Invented The Audion
Gigantic 1,400 K.W. Radio Station At Lyons, France
Wood Finishing For The Amateur
Experimental Chemistry—Thirty-Fourth Lesson
How To Make It Department—Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs Laboratory Photo Contest
Science In Slang
The Oracle

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Electrical Experimenter April 1919

Contents For April, 1919 - Vol. VI, No. 12
Grand Opera In Your Home
New York To Chicago Via The Air In 12 Hours
Gliding Airships With The Radio Barrage
How Electricity Serves Worlds Largest Hotels
Seeing Thru You Without X-Rays
Catching Diamond Thieves With The X-Ray
Great Britain's New Monitor-Submarine With 12 Inch Gun
My Inventions. By Nikola Tesla. No. 3.
The Moons Rotation By Nikola Tesla
Experimental Physics—Science In The War
Popular Astronomy. The Planet Earth - As Others See Us
Radiophony To Airplanes A Great Success
Do Radio Waves Travel Above The Earth Or Thru It
The Opinion Of Radio Experts On Radio Wave Transmission
The How And Why Of Radio Apparatus
How To Make A Direct-Reading Wave Meter And Decremeter
German Radio Apparatus Used At Metz
A Timely Reinforcement - A Copper-Plated Stomach
The Alkaline Storage Battery
Experimental Mechanics - Theory Of Twist Drills
Practical Chemical Experiments - Butter And Butter Substitutes
How-To-Make-It Department - Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs - Prize Photo Contest
Science In Slang - No. 2 Jazz Stokes On Wireless Dope
"The Oracle" - Question And Answer Box

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Electrical Experimenter May 1919

Contents For May, 1919 - Vol. VII, No. 1
The Thought Recorder
Future Rapid Transit
Will Man Freeze The Earth To Death
How The French Located Submarines
Vehicular Tunnel Under The Hudson River
The Thought Recorder - No. 2 Future Inventions
Paris Letter
Locating Enemy Guns By Flash And Sound
Novel Electrical Talking Sign Is Relieving The Subway Car Crush
My Inventions, Part IV, By Nikola Tesla
The New York Aero Show
Monster Escalator For New York Subway
British Submarine Locater
Putting It Over On Fritz
Cold Light—What It Is
Popular Astronomy—Astronomical Distances
Reclaiming Metal Dust From Flue Gases
Try These On Your Auto
The True Wireless—By Nikola Tesla
Amplifier Boosts Signals 1,000,000 Times
Multiplex Radio System Adopted By U. S.
New French And American Audions
New Regenerative Vacuum Tube Circuits
Practical Chemical Experiments - Testing Of Wool, Cotton And Linen
Experiments In Radioactivity. Part III
The Constructor - The "Noiseless" Phonograph
Automatic Bell Ringing Attachment For Eight Day Clock
How-To-Make-It Department - Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Latest Patents
With The Amateurs - Laboratory Photo Contest
Science In Slang - The Specks In Space

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Electrical Experimenter June 1919

Contents For June, 1919 - Vol. VII, No. 2
An Aerial Rescue At Sea
Listening To Theatre Critics
Electric Drive On U.S.S, "New Mexico"
New Aerial Developments
Hunting Submarines By Sound
That One Man Submersible
My Inventions, Part V, By Nikola Tesla
Filming "Talking Movies" In Glass Houses
Call Up Wifey On The Stovepipe Radio
Tin Can Models A New Art
Making A Practical Electrician
Closee-Ups Of New Scientific Movies
Paris Letter
Popular Astronomy "The Evolution Of The Stars"
Practical Chemical Experiments Eggs And Their Preservation
Experiments In Radio Activity, Part IV (Conclusion)
How To Build An Efficient Medical Coil Set
A Small High Frequency Oudin Coil
Experimental Mechanics, Lesson XII, Practical Grinding Of Twist Drills
"How To Make It" Department Prize Contest
Wrinkles. Recipes And Formulas
The Radio League Of America - Amateur Radio Restored
The Moon's Rotation, By Nikola Tesla
Radio Department - Tesla Bulbs
The Alexanderson "Barrage" Receiver
The Rogers Underground Aerial For Amateurs
Learning The Code
Radio Constructor Department
Choke Coils - Their Theory, Construction And Design
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs - Prize Laboratory Contest
Science In Slang
The Oracle

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Electrical Experimenter October 1919

Contents For October, 1919 - Vol. VII, No. 6
Treasure Ships Located Electrically
Airplane Delivers Ship Mail At Sea
My Inventions - No. 6. By Nikola Tesla
Paris Letter
What The X-Rays Show
Treasure Ships Located Electrically
Electricity Foils Bank Robbers
To Europe In Three Hours
Can Radio Ignite Balloons - The Opinions Of Nikola Tesla And Other Radio Experts
Piped Cold - Prof. Bell Has It
Reclaiming Sub-Sea Treasures
Testing Psychical Phenomena, With Scientific Instruments
How The Telephone Talks
A New Era Electric Auto
"Jerry Up" Experiences Of An American Searlight Soldier With The A.E.F
Good Day! Mr. Mars, Said Prof. Todd
Popular Astronomy - The Surface Of The Sun
Automobile News
Experiments In Physics, No. 3 - Illusions
Practical Chemical Experiments
Making A Machine For Telegraphing Pictures
Building And Testing Small Transformers
Explosions Caused By Light
Experimental Mechanics - Notes On Tapping
How-To-Make-It, Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
The Submarine’S Under-Sea Radio - Official Data From Tests By Experts Of The Bureau Of Standards, With Illustrations
Government Radio Control - Once More
Latest Amateur Radio Receiving Apparatus
Radio Problems In Aviation
An Efficient Radio Crystal Detector
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs - Prize Contest
Science In Slang - Kidding The Trolley
The Oracle - Question And Answer Box

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Electrical Experimenter December 1919

Contents For December, 1919 - Vol. VII, No. 8
Thomas A. Edison Speaks To You - Special Interview
Submarines To Salvage Sunken Ships
Ships Guided By Electrified Cable
Did The Romans Have Wireless
Slow Movies Analyze Motion
Mysteries Of Stage-Craft
An Aerial Passenger Rocket
An Oscillating Scenic Railway
Airplane Super Charger For High Flying
Sound And Flash Ranging In The A.E.F
Rohlfs Flies 34,610 Feet - New World’S Record
New York Electrical Show
Piezo-Electricitx Or “Speaking Crystals
Latest Electric Novelties
Beauty By The Kilowatt
Stuccoing Houses By Electricity
Popular Astronomy - Is The Moon A Dead World?
Training Women Sub-Station Operators
The Amateur Magician
The Constructor Department - Electric Christmas Village
Photographic Experiments
The Finer Workings Of Static Electricity
The Electrical Machinist
How-To-Make-It Prize Contest
Wrinkles, Recipes And Formulas
Carnarvon Radio Station
Modern American Radio Apparata - The Pliotron Family
Calculation Of Tree Wave Lengths
Radio Guides Ships Thru Fog
Locating Submarine By Audion Syphoning
Latest Patents Digest
With The Amateurs Laboratory Prize Contest
Science In Slang - Juicing The Jazz Wagon
The Oracle

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Electrical Experimenter April 1920

Contents For April, 1920 - Vol. VII, No. 12
Watching Plants Grow
Electric Power From The Sun
Battle Tracer
Heat Of Body Detected 600 Feet Away
One Man Subway Train
Hello Mars!
Electricity Foils German Seals
The Physiophone
Electro Medical Frauds
The Educated Harpoon
Electric Bachelor Maid
Telegraph, Cable And Radio Dispatches
Weighing The Earth
Electrifying Canal Boats And Barges
Talking Over A Sunbeam
Automobile News
Popular Astronomy - Observing Theheavenly Bodies
Rabbit Contest” Awards
Home Made 110-Volt, 60-Cycle Induction Motor
The Finer Workings Of Static Electricity
Storage Battery Repairing
Electrical Machinist - No. 6, Erecting Motors And Shafting

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