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Facial Muscle Stimulator

Your face consists of over 50 strands of muscle, which go in different directions and connect directly to the skin, upper and lower lips, cheeks, nose, and the surrounding areas. When these muscles begin to get weak your face gets wrinkles, bags under the eyes and your face feels the effect of gravity and starts to sag. The Facial Muscle Stimulator is a non-surgical way to firm, tone and tighten face and neck muscles in minutes. Simply glide the tip of the Facial Stimulator over your skin, it sends a gentle, natural pulse to the muscle, much like the body's nerve impulses. These impulses increase blood circulation to the muscles and skin for a healthier looking face, relaxes the nervous system producing anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates normal cellular repair and regeneration by firming and toning the muscles. The result is firmer muscles, tighter skin, with smoothed, less visible wrinkles with greatly improved skin tone.






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