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What is the Cause of Hair Loss?

For decades men, women and even children have had to stand the embarasment caused by hair loss. There are number for reasons for hair loss. Let us have a quick discussion on “What is the cause hair loss?”

There are so many causes for hair loss. When we say “hair loss” most of you may think about the usual types of hair loss, which includes male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and even alopecia areata.. But there are so many other reasons for hair loss.

Before knowing the factors that may cause hair loss, we should know the normal hair shedding process. Do you know about 10% of our hair is shedding daily at a given time? Hair losing at this level is a normal phenomenon. If the hair falling percentage exceeds the ten percent, then it is an alarming problem.

If you have undergone any surgery or any sort of illness, then it may cause hair loss. This is mainly due to the amount of stress you have acquired due to the operation and also the side effect of the medication you have taken for preventing infection during your illness.

Sometimes hormone problem may also cause hair loss. During the hormonal imbalance, you may experience hair loss. This can easily be corrected by injecting appropriate hormones to correct the imbalance.

Pregnancy may also cause hair loss. Hair loss is noticed among the pregnant women even after delivery.. This is also related to hormones. In this condition, there is no need to worry because the hair regrowth will be back to normal after some months.

In addition to all these factors, one important factor that may cause hair loss is how you wear your hair. In case if you are a woman and having a tendency of wearing your hair in tight fashion, then you might suffer from hair loss.

Some medicines, which may cause hair loss irrespective of sex, are anticoagulants, wincrysticin or onchocryticin (Cancer medication), medicines used for gout, birth control pills, antidepressants and Vitamin A (if it is taken in excessive amount). Sulpha drugs may cause hair loss as well.

Sometimes underlying diseases such as lupus or diabetes may also cause hair loss. Hence it is very important to detect the cause for hair loss as early as possible to stop the hair falling. Once you have lost so much hair it is very difficult to treat the condition because prevention is better than cure.

As you have gone through these factors which may cause hair loss, it is clearly evident that there are so many reasons for hair loss and surprisingly in some cases the hair is growing back. Hence don’t worry about the hair loss and also do not panic too much because panic itself may cause hair loss!

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What is the Cause of Hair Loss

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