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Methods of Curing Sudden Hair Loss

The occurrence of hair loss is caused by various reasons. The most important cause for hair loss is genetic i.e. if your mother or father is suffering from hair loss there is a 50:50 possibility that you will suffer from hair loss as well. The main reason for sudden hair loss in an individual is illness or a surgery. Once this illness is healed, the sudden hair loss will get stopped automatically. If a person is suffering from sudden hair loss, his health should be examined immediately to make sure sudden hair loss is not caused by a systemic infection.

Sudden hair loss may also occur when you have undergone a chemotherapy or as a side effect from any other medication. Consult your doctor to find out if your hair loss is a side effect of a drug you are taking. A change in medication may cure the condition of sudden hair loss.

You can suffer from sudden hair loss if you are confronted with severe stress. If you are under severe stress due to a variety of reasons such as pressure at work, pressure at home, you may suffer from sudden hair loss. As soon as the stress is gone, you can immediately see the positive results.

Sudden hair loss is also noticed in the postpartum period of pregnant women. This is mainly due to the sudden withdrawal of hormones after giving birth to a child. Hair stays in the growing phase during pregnancy. This kind of sudden hair loss will get cured automatically without any treatment. Excess combing or brushing may be avoided to prevent excessive loss of hair.

Production of excessive DHT (Dihydro testosterone) in the hair follicles and scalp may also lead to sudden hair loss. Neutralizing the effect or controlling the production of DHT will definitely control the condition. Selection of appropriate medicine such as propecia may be useful wh suffering from sudden hair loss. Apart from this, there are so many products available on the market for neutralizing the effect of DHT, which serve as a cure for sudden hair loss. Folligen hair loss treatment with copper peptide helps a lot to prevent sudden hair loss. Nutrient copper provides thick hair by reducing the hair thinning and full growth of hair along with cure for sudden hair loss..

Follicle Nutrient System (FNS), a new innovative therapy, provides all the important nutrients to the hair follicles directly and avoids wastage of nutrients. This is a non-hormonal therapy. This treatment is to be considered as a best cure for sudden hair loss. The FNS therapy helps the hair to get all essential minerals and vitamins.

As a bottom line, Tricomin Hair Loss Treatment with copper peptides is an important therapy, which provides effective remedial measure for sudden hair loss. This remedy provides nutrient copper to the hair follicles directly for effective cure of sudden hair loss.

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