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Three Types of Hair loss Treatment

Millions of men all over the world have to deal with hair loss. The main effect of hair loss is not only that the person looks older but it also hurts one’s self-esteem and social confidence. That's why hair loss treatments are getting more and more important. We can call hair loss also balding, the reasons for hair loss are numerous. one of them is heredity. Though hair loss runs in the family, the scientists claim now it can be cured by gene manipulation. Men with genetic predisposition for hair loss may have sensitive areas in the scalp for male sex hormones. As age advances, these sensitive areas suffer from severe biological imbalance. The male hormone DHT is the culprit who ruins the hair. Slowly, over a prolonged period, the follicles wilt and finally the hair become thinner and shorter.

Hair loss can be treated with natural remedies and also chemo-therapically. There are three types of hair loss treatment available for the persons suffering from this condition.

The first and most accepted hair loss treatment is the natural based therapy. The main advantage of having this type of hair loss treatment is that there is no side effect. Other treatments may help to damage the existing hair, to make a half-bald person into a full bald person. The cosmetically based lotions, shampoos and herbal supplements help a lot of people suffering from hair loss. Many patients who used these treatments feel that by using these products, the regrowing of hair is positively influenced. Moreover, these products help to clean the scalp thereby the hair follicles are able to breathe and deliver important nutrients to the follicle and hair.

The second type of products widely used is the topical solution. Rogaine is one of the commonly used topical solutions for hair loss treatment. The main ingredient in this product is Minoxodil. This element is having the skill of growing hair, which is medically proven. Sometimes the Minoxodil is available in combination with Retin A. The purpose of adding Retin A to Minoxodil is to help the hair follicle in the scalp to absorb Minoxodil. But this combination cannot be purchased in drugstires. It requires a prescription from a physician.

The third type of hair loss treatment broadly used among the hair losing individuals is the oral treatment. Propecia is being taken orally by people suffering from hair loss. The main action of Propecia is lowering the chemical levels in the body, which hinders the growth of hair. In many studies it was found that Propecia is having hair-regrowing effect.

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