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Mind Technology

The Binaural Beats Audio Collection

This Audio Collection Contains... 24 Binaural Beat MP3s For Self Growth, Relaxation, Better Energy Flow And Brain Wave Control. Complete With Instructions On Using Binaural Beats. Fixed Pitch Binaural Beats! Sliding Binaural Beats. Sleep Aid Binaural Beats. Conscious to Relaxation Binaural Beats! Absolute-Sweep-10 min Binaural Beats! ....more


Pocketsize Brainwave Inducer

The human brain produces detectable electrical signals which vary in strength and frequency. Different frequencies are associated with different moods, behavior and emotions. If a specific brain wave is induced dominantly, then the person will enter the corresponding physical and emotional state. By externally creating brain wave frequencies you can change the existing mood or emotion to the desired behavior, will be able to relax better, are better able to receive subliminal or audible audio messages and be able to learn more quickly and permanently. ....more


Discover Your Inborn Genius

In today's constantly changing age of Information, whatever got you to where you are today, is not enough to keep you there. Unless you are constantly increasing your knowledge and skills, you are actually falling behind. Unlock Your Full Potential And Start Living The Life You've Always Known Is Possible For You. Discover Your Inborn Genius will reveal proven methods that allow you to unlock your full potential to start living the life you've always known was possible for you. The innovative life-skills disclosed in this ebook are guaranteed to generate more happiness and increased personal and financial fulfillment in your life! ....more


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Master Your Memory

Important details like facts, names, and numbers can slip away from you - just when you need them the most! Use the lessons in this book to go from "airhead" to "head of the class" in one weekend. Guaranteed! ALL of us have the potential to possess remarkable memory function. And it's no mystery to science that memory is a learned skill. When you develop your memory to its full potential you'll enjoy better grades, higher paychecks, and greater success in business. You'll attract opportunities that require superior memory skills - opportunities that you may not have even known existed before! Memory is a skill that anyone can improve - and benefit from! Plug into your potential and start enjoying the benefits today! Book, software, and free gifts ....more


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The Motivated Mind

Are you exactly where you want to be in your personal life? Your professional career? Have you experienced everything you want to do and see? Do you have everything you need and want? Are you the person you always hoped you'd become? Introducing a New, Step-by-Step Program to Changing Anything in Your Life and Achieving Your Lifelong Goals. Discover exactly how to create and maintain the motivation you need to create the life YOU want to live. ....more


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Lucid Dream Machine

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware of the experience of dreaming, while in a dream state. This phenomenon occurs when an individual in the dream state, and without awakening, realizes that he/she is dreaming. During "lucid dreams" the individual is remarkably wakeful--although still asleep. The individual can reason clearly, remember freely, signal that he/she is conscious, and may even change the plot of his/her dream if desired. Plans Only. ....more


Brainwave Music

This newly developed method of precise music synthesis allows you to listen to music composed by your brainwaves. The human brain develops electrical activity, also known as brain waves, at the microvolt level with discrete frequency ranges. A signal processor converts brain wave signals into electrical signals which are converted into music by synthesizers and applying the musical signal to the human brain, to induce controllable physiological responses. Plans Only. ....more



Here's How To Enjoy, Adventure And Fantasy, Overcoming Nightmares, Creativity And Problem Solving, Healing, Self Improvement And Much Much More! Astral Projection has never been easier to attain. Quickly learn the secrets to start or expand your astral travel techniques. You can be on your way to Astral Projection within 8 minutes of using our unique plug in and play product. Full instructions for use. ....more


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If you want to be successful you must persuade and influence people by remote means. Do you know how? It may sound crazy. Maybe even magical. But I've discovered an amazing and simple method that allows you to persuade and influence others by remote methods. REMOTE INFLUENCE is the ability to induce susceptibility to suggestion from a distance and to suggest some ACTION be taken by the person receiving the suggestion. It doesn't matter what your business or objective is, you will get more, do more, be more when you know how to persuade and influence people from Remote Locations. When you learn how to apply the above formula, you will do just that. ....more


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Bio-Feedback Generator

  Human mental activity can be measured in terms of electrical activity of the brain as represented by brain waves, electrical potential changes measured by electromyographic method, potential changes at the surface of the skin or temperature at the skin surface. These physiological phenomena can be used to control the autonomic nerve system of a person or used as a method of rehabilitation. When a person is in a relaxed state of mind, the predominant brain waves are alpha waves and the muscles become relaxed. When a person is in a nervous, strained or highly excited state, beta waves are predominant, and the muscle potential becomes high. By controlling the brain waves, you can induce that person into any state of mind. Plans only. ....more


Subliminal Message Generator

  The techniques of training or teaching through the use of subliminal audio signals is well known, an audio recording, typically on audio tape, is prepared with a recording of a desired spoken message at a first, low volume. This is the subliminal message signal. A second audio signal, typically music, is also impressed on the recording medium at a second, higher amplitude. The second signal masks the first such that the first cannot be perceived by the listener upon playback. The Subliminal Message Generator is available as plans only. ....more


Mental Seduction Secrets

The magic of mental seduction and control. It is the ultimate power. Have you ever noticed how some people "just seem to have it?" And strangely, many of them areaverage looking. Their manner of dress may be nondescript. Physically, they have unremarkable features. But somehow… an aura of appeal, charm, dominant sexuality emanates and draws others to them like magnets. These men and women are naturally endowed with mental powers that subconsciously draw others to them. But don't despair that you're missing out on the fun. The techniques and instructions that you learn in this book will unleash that power! ....more


Ultimate Sexual Attraction

Some people have no trouble attracting other people to them. People tend to flock to the people that are good looking, smooth talkers, rich and powerful, but for most people it's a lot harder. This is an easy way to level the playing field, by attracting the people you want. The human brain produces detectable electrical signals which vary in strength and frequency. Different frequencies are associated with different moods, behavior and emotions. If a specific brain wave is induced dominantly, then the person will enter the corresponding physical and emotional state. By externally creating certain brain wave frequencies you can change an existing mood or emotion to the desired behavior, better able to receive subliminal or audible audio suggestions. The Brainwave Inducer is used to externally induce specific brain wave frequencies by using magnetic and electric fields, precise wave forms to stimulate the nervous system. It has preset settings for excitement, sexual stimulation, relaxation, to induce sleep and also to keep you awake or you can adjust the frequency to set your own mood. It fits in your pocket and is shielded on 3 sides so that it only effects you or you can turn it around and it can be used to change the mood on someone up to 5'. Plans Only. ....more


Natural Sleep Inducer

In today's active, mobilized society noise has become a common problem. No where is this felt more than when one is trying to fall asleep. In an effort to aid in sleeping the use of sleeping tablets has mushroomed. As is well known, this approach to the problem often creates physical and psychological side effects. For this reason it was considered advantageous to induce sleep by physical methods. Recently it has been recognized that white noise broadcast as a hum, for lack of a better worded description, can be quite effective as a sleep inducer. This is a device, used in assisting the induction of natural sleep, by producing several wave forms such that an analgesic noise device can approximate soothing sounds of nature, i.e., waves, rain, wind. Plans only. ....more


Hypnosis / Visual Stimulator

This is a device for inducing self hypnosis, as well as for teaching slow learning children. It utilizes momentary serial reflections of a user from a mirror with interspersed exposure to opaque colored areas, or combination of words, pictures, letters, numbers, etc. The repetition of exposure is variable under control of the user, and above certain cyclic rates, the impression upon the user is totally subliminal, and at the slowest speeds, and is completely hypnotic. It is  a mechanically operated device which is relatively inexpensive to make and simple to use while yet being capable of producing visual effects which are better suited to obtain such objectives as self-hypnosis, meditation, tension alleviation, and emotional relaxation. Self-Hypnosis /Visual Stimulation Device is available as plans only. ....more



The above items are for research only. No medical use is intended or implied.


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