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Muscle Stimulator

      When you haven't exercised in a long time, you become stiff and you may suffer from such ailments as arthritis or rheumatism. You may become overweight and in pain, and it is then difficult to exercise. It's a vicious circle, because physical exercise is essential to physical and ""mental" fitness. Now you can tone up and get the body you want without the physical part of exercising. No weight lifting, running or working out in the gym. Simply place the pads on the group of muscles you want exercised, turn on The Muscle Stimulator and let it tone-up the muscles. It does the exercising while you do other things, reading, housework or watching TV.

    This technique subjects living cells to "smooth" physiological exercises. In fact, the cells receive specific impulses, which recall the human nerve impulses. And, since the human neural impulses govern most of the body functions, this method, induces important physiological effects on biological cells found in the human body and animals. The impulses help people to heal themselves by producing the same three physiological effects produced by walking and other physical exercise, Blood circulation is improved and there is a relaxing effect which leads to a reduction in pain and inflammation. The improved blood circulation also stimulates cell repair and regeneration.
    The Muscle Stimulator induces three specific physiological effects: (1) Stimulation of blood circulation; (2) Relaxation of the nervous system, producing anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects; and (3) Stimulation of normal cellular repair and regeneration. The three effects produced by this method play a similar role; they REINFORCE THE BODY'S self-defense system, which is thus better able to protect from all kinds of health problems.
    The Muscle Stimulator is not intended to be a medical device or instrument. It is rather a self-health system which can be classified as a Basic Electrophysiological Conditioning System, which gives far greater and more reliable results in the hands of the end users themselves. Indeed, the conditioning parameters must be chosen and adapted by each individual user for best results. It is very useful to help people improve their own physical as well as mental health and Quality of Life when properly used. Plans Only.






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