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Practical Electrics Magazine

Practical Electrics, September, 1924

Contents For September, 1924 - Vol. III, No. 11
French Million-volt Laboratory
Alleged Spiritualistic Lamp Lighting
Solar Thermo Electric Battery
The Most Amazing Stuff on Earth - Part II
Simple Voltmeter
An Electrocution That Failed
Comic Picture Projector
Electricity from Odd Places
Flood Lighting Madison Square Garden
Mammoth Flood Lighted Globe
Great Illuminated Clock
Artificial Scenes for Moving Pictures
Burglar Alarm
Combined Key and Flashlight Case
Stray Current Dangers
The Mammoth Hollywoodland Electric Sign
A Remarkable Lightning Stroke
Making Over the Storage Battery
Cigar Lighter for Motor Cars
Illuminating Spectacles
Electric Heater
Universal Electric Heater
Electionering by Loud-Speaker
Cartridge Shell Lamp
Ball Microphone
Wire Cutting Wrinkle
Awards in Odd Electrical Experience Contest
Coil Point Suggestions
Double Contact Push Button
Simple Electric Fan
Making Small Generators
Laboratory Appliances
Phone Relay
Frictional Plate Electric Machine
Electro-static Experiments
Testing Metals with X-Rays
Experimental Microphone
Uses for Burned Out Cartridge Fuses
Storage Batteries
Magneto Magnets
Lalande Type Battery
Open Circuit Battery
Electric Boilers
Stray Current Action on Water-pipe Lines
Awards in the $50 Special Prize Contest for Junior Electricians and Electrical Experimenters
Useful Soldering Tips
Simple Resistance Measurer
Electric Soldering-Iron Control
Magnetic Hammer
Marking Money
Electric Motor Governor
Speech Amplifier
Rainstorm Alarm
Electric Map
Artificial Lightning
Uses for Burnt-out Fuse Plugs
Table Lamp Loud-Talker
Trick Motor
Making Fixed Condensers
Electric Switch Control
Carbon Grain Rheostat
Fluorescent Vacuum Tubes
Electric Tuning Fork
Iron Filings Microphone
Electric Whistle Time
Handles for Electric Shock Coils
Electric Door Lock
Electric Welder
Testing Magnets
Fuse Alarm
Human Battery
Electric Sign
Mysterious Answers
Latest Electrical Patents
How and Why

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