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Mental Seduction

Have you ever noticed how some people "just seem to have it?" And strangely, many of them areaverage looking. Their manner of dress may be nondescript. Physically, they have unremarkable features. But somehow… an aura of appeal, charm, dominant sexuality emanates and drawsothers like flies to a honey pot. These men and women are naturally endowed with mental powers that subconsciously draw others to them. But don't despair that you're missing out on the fun.

The techniques and instructions that you learn in this book will unleash that power! The idea that you have the power within you to change your reality is not implausible. It's been done it for ages. So why haven't you learned or heard about these techniques before? Well, there is a gamut of possible reasons why this valuable knowledge has slipped from your hands.

Some reasons might involve the secrecy of occult cults, atrociously priced courses and lectures, and systems shrouded in religions. Mind power skills, sadly, have largely been underdeveloped for other reasons. Mostly, however, it is because mystical knowledge is considered passé in this day and age.

Containing highly controversial techniques of psychic seduction, this book merely serves as techniques of hidden knowledge. You, are advised to exercise necessary discretion and to consult your personal code of ethics. By the end of this book, you will have mastered the wisdom which will allow you to arouse feelings of attraction. Inciting infatuation in the minds of others will come easily. This is no power to be taken lightly. It is the ultimate power. Use it wisely.








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